Our Story

After 30 years as a musician in the Bay Area, I started booking entertainment as CA Cali Productions, in 1993. Since then I have managed bands and provided countless types of entertainment for weddings and events big and small. I saw booking entertainment as an extension to performing which I still do and as a way to help our great local entertainers get work. I have been friends with most of them since the start of Cali Productions. They have my trust, I have theirs and you can trust us together to help you put on that next great event or party.

Meet the Owner

I'm Chuck Cali, sole owner of CA Cali Productions. My commitment to clients is personalized customer service, quality entertainment at competitive pricing. We look forward to working for and with you, thank you!


Chuck Cali

I'm a Bay Area native (basically) my Italian family moved here from Jamestown, NY in 1959. I began playing guitar at age 13 and have been playing ever since. Like most musicians I have my inspirations. In my case hands down it's, The Beatles. I feel like I grew up with them and followed their music and careers my whole life. They alone have had the biggest influence on my musical endeavors. I'm a huge follower of most of the bands that came with the British invasion. The bands I played in played many of their songs as they remain timeless. I'm happy that I am able to keep providing entertainment via my company and look forward to working for all of you in the near futue.

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